Live Everyday Without

Worry About Sugar Level


Take control of your blood glucose levels wherever you are with just a look at your mobile phone

Bubblan Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Keep blood glucose control tight with automatic blood sugar updates every five minutes sent straight to your mobile device.

Beautifully designed

Bubble has been built with comfort in mind, avoiding edges that can complicate its wearing in your day to day and to keep charging simple.

Easy to wear

With our signature Bubble stickers, the soft specially designed belt, or even a simple dressing, you will have plenty of options available to find the best fit for you and your Bubble.

Diabox for iOS and Android

Bubble app Diabox is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Rechargeable and re-usable

Bubble is rechargeable thanks to the magnetic charger included in the box. With over 14 days or more of battery, you can always be sure your Bubble is charged and ready to go.


A compact tightly sealed frame improves durability and makes the Bubble waterproof. The device is guaranteed up to 30 minutes and 2m deep in fresh water.

Bubblan Everything you need in one device for all freestyle libre users.

Diabox app

Offers the functionality of alarms when hypoglycemia occurs or having a platform to see your blood glucose at a glance on your smartphone or watch.


diaboxAndroid – Diabox – Google play
iOS – Diabox – Testflight
This requires you to click this link twice.
1. Install Testflight 2. join the Diabox beta.

Bubblan brand

Developed from the ground up by Type 1 Diabetics, Bubblan has a genuine focus on making life just that little bit easier.





1 x Bubble Unit

4 x 4 Sticker

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1 x Bubble Unit

14 x 4 Stickers

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Here you will find all the manuals and links for configuring the app, both for iOS and Android.

Getting StartedFrequently asked questions


Saw this photo and wanted to share how Bubble should be attached to the libre sensor to avoid “no sensor” Read more
Now all Libre2/US 14 days decryption codes implemented in Bubble Firmwares v2.6. It means that you can use Libre2/US 14 Read more
Now all Libre2/US 14 days decryption codes implemented in Bubble Firmwares v2.6. It means that you can use Libre2/US 14 Read more

Customer Reviews

Amazing product, changed my life!!!


Great product and great customer service. The main guys are T1Ds so they really do understand what we go through. You really feel they are there to help.

Christopher R Jones

Ik ben zeer blij met mijn bubble. Ik heb hem binnen 3 weken (18 dagen inclusief weekenden) ontvangen. Het is gemakkelijk te installeren/ gebruiken.
Im verry happy with the bubble. I received the bubble whitin 3 weeks.


Great product. recently converted from MM2. i find the bubble is smaller and more reliable than MM. already compatible with fsl2 when it arrives in the UK. easily set up. just charge your bubble and run diabox which will automatically keep the firmware up to date and away you go. for a more involved app there’s xdrip+. should the bubble malfunction re-setting just needs a magnet or the charger lead so no carrying around a paper clip. should re-setting not work there’s a very effective after sales network who usually reply within the hour. very glad i made the switch.